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{{Infobox Character
| Title=NAME
| Name=their full name
| Actor=actor's name (NO BRACKETS)
| AltCasting=list of one-off actors (child/voice/etc.)

If Image width < 250px:
| ImageSize= image's default width

If character appeared in one episode:
| Appearances=episode

If character appeared in more than one episode:
| First=first episode appearance (vision/voice)
| Last=last episode appearance (vision/voice)

If character is unseen:
| Mentioned=list of episodes in which character is mentioned

If character is Oceanic passenger:
| ReasonAus= reason they were in Australia
| ReasonTrip= reason they were on the plane

If character is on the Island (not an Other or survivor)
| IslandReason= how they ended up there/their mission

If known/applicable:
| Birth=date of birth
| Death=date of death
| DeathEp=episode in which character died
| Place=character's origin
| Profession=character's profession
| Centric=episode names divided by <br>
| AKA= aliases
| Family= list of family members
| Images=image category name


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